Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25/365 Gary at EduCon

25/365 Gary at EduCon, originally uploaded by agearrings.

This is my friend Gary Stager. I was introduced to Gary at NECC 08 by Dr. G. Bitter after I received the award that Dr. Bitter began in his wife's honor. I reconnected with Gary Stager at his week long Constructing Modern Knowledge Conference last summer in Manchester NH.

At CMK, Gary created an environment that allowed us to explore, create, collaborate and learn. We experienced the environment for learning that Gary believes should happen for all learners. I enjoyed participating in this week long event, filled with engaging guest speakers, social events and personal project building. But the best part was Gary's enthusiasm for creating this environment. I love his smile and tried to capture it in this photo at EduCon.

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