Sunday, February 1, 2009

32/365 Sitting on a Wall

32/365 Sitting on a Wall, originally uploaded by agearrings.

I was supposed to be working on progress reports but I heard about this neat little photo app so I have to try it out. Can you guess what we'll be doing in kindergarten this week? The kids will love this! To try it yourself, go to Have fun!

31/365 Winter Bloom

31/365 Winter Bloom, originally uploaded by agearrings.

This Christmas cactus blossom was a welcome sight after all the wintry weather we've been having.

30/365 Griffin

30/365 Griffin, originally uploaded by agearrings.

This is my sister's Corgy. He is hoping that I'll give him a treat once the photo is taken. This was the best of all the photos I shot. I think I threw away about 30. Don't think I want to be a pet photographer!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

29/365 My New iPhone

My New iPhone, originally uploaded by agearrings.

What can I say? I love it!

28/365 Remembering Christa

28/365 Remembering Christa, originally uploaded by agearrings.

I remember exactly what I was doing when the Challenger exploded. While watching the lift off with the young students in my class I stared at disbelief as I watched the vapor trails stream away from the spacecraft. I remember asking the other adults in the room if they had ever seen that before and simultaneously realizing that something was terribly wrong. What was supposed to be a celebration for NH educators and NH students became a tragedy that we processed together over time. At the time, my two young children and I struggled to understand what and why this happened. Even now, my eyes fill with tears, recalling vividly those days and weeks after the accident.

In the photo is the newspaper insert that the Concord Monitor printed to prepare NH students for Christa's trip. The book, written in 1993 by Christa's mother, Grace Corrigan, begins with the Challenger disaster, then looks back at her life and achievements leading up to her selection as First Teacher in Space.

27/365 It's All Downhill Now!

27/365 It's All Downhill Now!, originally uploaded by agearrings.

We have reached the halfway mark to our school year - 90 days. A second grade class at the school celebrated Half Way Day by making tags for the folks at school. It is hard to believe that we are on the down hill side of the year, while our friends in Australia are just beginning their new school year.

26/365 All My Life's a Circle

26/365 All My Life's a Circle, originally uploaded by agearrings.

The word's of Harry Chapin ring so true for me. I like thinking of life as a circle.

"It seems like I've been here before;
I can't remember when;
But I have this funny feeling;
That we'll all be together again.
No straight lines make up my life;
And all my roads have bends;
There's no clear-cut beginnings;
And so far no dead-ends."
While playing with the macro setting on my camera, I took a closer look at the fabric of one of my couch pillows. Look in my photostream for a picture of the pillow.